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GENERAL / Salutations ¥FOXES¥ Green_Pencil!
June 16, 2024, 05:58:56 PM
Hello ¥FOXES¥ Green_Pencil!

Welcome to the ¥FOXES¥ Clan Forum. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on our forum. Don't be shy and say hi!

Kind regards,

NEWS / Website security updated
May 22, 2024, 10:35:04 AM

Howdy folks,

Since the launch of the forum we've been running on the rather archaic HTTP protocol without the extra security layer, like in the old days of the internet. While this may work perfectly fine for a lot of people, it may become a security risk as data packets are not encrypted, especially when using insecure networks such as public Wi-Fi hotspots. Also, most browsers display a big fat warning when trying to join a website that isn't encrypted, and warn you that your data could be stolen by attackers. Especially now with data breaches all over the news, we should consider your privacy a big priority.

That is why we are here to announce that we have updated our website security to modern SSL/TLS standards, which means that from now on our website uses the more secure HTTPS standard. Your browser should display that your connection to the website is secure with a valid certificate authorized by a trustworthy authority.

We've also updated our databases to PHP 8.2, which should come with increased site speed and security, as far as we're aware.

Take care and see you on the battlefield!

GENERAL / Salutations Cepexxa!
April 14, 2024, 07:19:17 AM
Hello Cepexxa!

Welcome to the ¥FOXES¥ Clan Forum. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on our forum. Don't be shy and say hi!

Kind regards,

GENERAL / Salutations giacongcokhi!
March 30, 2024, 09:10:24 AM
Hello giacongcokhi!

Welcome to the ¥FOXES¥ Clan Forum. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on our forum. Don't be shy and say hi!

Kind regards,

GENERAL / Salutations DecodedFinn!
March 06, 2024, 06:29:51 PM
Hello DecodedFinn!

Welcome to the ¥FOXES¥ Clan Forum. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on our forum. Don't be shy and say hi!

Kind regards,

GENERAL / Salutations foxes_agent_dinozzo!
January 30, 2024, 03:51:15 PM
Hello foxes_agent_dinozzo!

Welcome to the ¥FOXES¥ Clan Forum. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on our forum. Don't be shy and say hi!

Kind regards,

GENERAL / First trailer for GTA VI released
December 05, 2023, 07:01:07 AM
Seems like we're going back to VI(CE CITY)  :)

What are your thoughts on this trailer? What were your expectations towards the next generation of GTA titles?
GENERAL / Salutations Snusmunken!
November 19, 2023, 07:09:11 AM
Hello Snusmunken!

Welcome to the ¥FOXES¥ Clan Forum. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on our forum. Don't be shy and say hi!

Kind regards,

GENERAL / Salutations Tester!
November 18, 2023, 02:45:17 PM
Hello Tester!

Welcome to the ¥FOXES¥ Clan Forum. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on our forum. Don't be shy and say hi!

Kind regards,

MODS & HELP / Enlarged font size for player names
October 09, 2023, 07:36:29 PM
NEWS / Website Should Be Working Now!
October 09, 2023, 06:22:37 PM
Today we've upgraded the forum to the latest version 2.1.4. of Simple Machines Forum, which includes numerous fixes and security updates. Also, the domain will now redirect to through a HTTP 301 permanent redirect. The decision to redirect the homepage to the forum subdomain has been made due to numerous problems with the homepage, including user log-in errors.

If you happen to come across any previous or new problem on this website, be sure to leave a post or send me a personal message on the forum or Discord. Thank you for your understanding and see you on the battlefield!
NEWS / IMPORTANT: Gametracker Server Scanning Issue
October 09, 2023, 02:48:07 PM
Dear community,

As of now, Gametracker is having problems that results in all associated servers appearing as offline, unnamed and/or with zero players online. This problem does not just affect our Battlefield 1942 server, but affects all servers and games tracked by Gametracker. Gametracker developers are aware of the current problems, but have not provided server owners with an update or an ETA regarding a fix. While this problem may affect the tracking of your statistics on the Gametracker page, luckily it does not affect the visibility of our server on the Battlefield 1942 master server, and thus the server is still visible in the in-game server browser for Battlefield 1942, if you have installed the latest master server patch.

Regarding the widgets on this website, the current banners depend on Gametracker data, and thus are not displaying correctly due to the current issues with Gametracker. We are looking into alternatives, such as While doesn't show the same in-depth information as Gametracker, it provides us with widgets for displaying on the website, so you know who's online and what map is playing.

Thank you for your understanding and see you on the Battlefield!
GENERAL / Salutations Soda Ash Light!
April 27, 2023, 11:11:12 AM
Hello Soda Ash Light!

Welcome to the ¥FOXES¥ Clan Forum. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on our forum. Don't be shy and say hi!

Kind regards,

MODS & HELP / Desert Combat 0.7 & Desert Combat Final
January 12, 2023, 03:52:14 PM
Desert Combat 0.7 & Desert Combat Final
One of the mods regularly played on our servers is both Desert Combat 0.7 and Desert Combat final. Produced by Trauma Studios, Desert Combat is winner of FilePlanet's Best Mod of 2003 Award and many other reviews and awards, such as the March 2003 PC Magazine. Desert Combat has several mods of its own, like DC Final DC Extended and Desert Combat Realism. Desert Combat 0.7 and Desert Combat Final are two mods that are installed and run regularly on our server. Be sure to install these if you want to play on our server, you can grab them below!

Desert Combat is an award winning FPS mod for Battlefield 1942, created by Frank Delise, Brian Holinka and Tim Brophy. DC is set in Iraq during the first Gulf War. It acquired popularity since the 2003 invasion of Iraq by Coalition forces.

||||-- Desert Combat changes from .7M to .7N: --||||

- Created Menu Icons for VSS and PSS weapons
- convergence tweaked for M2A3 TOW
- health and ammo refill removed from spandrel
- m2a3 and bmp2 had their projectiles weakened vs air due to the enhanced capabilities of their new cannons
- new C4 and missing HEDP (fixes projectile issue with bmp2) damage files added


||||-- Desert Combat changes from .7L to .7M: --||||

- Fixed A10 Cluster Bomb Sounds
- Reverted ROF and Stability of Sniper Rifles
- Fixed Stryker Camera position and rotation


||||-- Desert Combat changes from .7I to .7L: --||||

- Fix the BRDM-2 not reloading bug
- Fix the little bird / Gazelle / MD-500 not reloading on airfield bug.
- Fix F-16 exit position to avoid bailing out deaths
- VSS reload sound corrected
- SA-7 fire sound corrected
- Sniper rifles fire faster, less stable.
- new sounds for sniper rifles
- improved soundscripts for artillery and tank cannon projectile whiz
- new soundscript for mortar in flight
- M163 Air Radar fixed
- ZPU-4: set min angle and raised camera
- Shilka - "No Head" feature as well as Air Radar fix
- C4 Changes missed on 7H build
- Mortar velocity increase for improved distance
- Mirage collision mesh fixes
- Urban Siege: removed capture abilities of Nimitz by enemy
- Fixed Menu 1.6 Patch error
- Added 2 Load Screens
- Reverted BF 1.6 Patch Wrench Repair
- Supply and Health refill added to BRDM2, BMP2, and M2A3 interior
- Tweaked main cannons for BMP2 and M2A3 ( bmp2= higher elevation, faster velocity m2a3= faster ROF, larger splash)


||||-- Desert Combat changes from .7H to .7I: --||||

- Optimized Effects
- PKM given worse minimum accuracy, 100 round clip, larger max crosshair width
- A-10 given heavy muzzle smoke
- C4 vs heavy armor toned down. 2 C4s required to kill a MBT


||||-- Desert Combat changes from .7G to .7H: --||||

-reduced soldier infantry fall damage slightly
-fixed vehicle to vehicle collisions (ie light vehicles can no longer ram heavy vehicles
and not lose damage. Heavy vehicles will also take less damage from collisions )
-improved pitch rate for SA-342
-updated stinger texture for FULL build
-fixed engines disappearing prematurely on A-10
-fixed SCUD-B driving sounds
-fixed missing canopy on Mirage
-removed horn feature from UralTanker to fix CTD
-reduced splash radius and damage from destroyed zpu-4
-fixed opaque windows for UralTanker exterior mesh
-fixed static wrecked meshes that were lacking custom collision meshes
-fixed missing glass on BRDM2 Spandrel
-added crosshair to Tabuk sniper rifle for unzoomed view
-fixed sound issues for MG42
-updated M16A2 animations

*****-------- Changes since .6F Public Patch--------------*****

(cols= collision meshes | vis= visible meshes | lods= level of detail models
smooth= smoothing on vis meshes )

A10: cols,lods Mig-29: cols
AC130: cols Mirage: cols,lods,smooth
AV8: col02,lods MLRS: cols
BMP2: cols,lods,smooth Nimitz: cols
BRDM2: cols,lods,smooth OSA: cols,lods,smooth
CIWS: cols Pantzir: cols
DPV: cols Pickup: cols,lods,smooth
EE-9: cols RHIB: cols
F14-B: cols,lods,smooth SA-3: cols
F15-C: cols,lods SCUD: lods
F16: cols,lods Sea Sparrow: cols
Forklift: cols Shilka: cols
H-53: cols,lods,smooth Stryker: cols
Humvee: cols SU-25: cols,lods
Lada: cols,lods T72: cols,vis,lods,smooth
M163: cols,smooth TOW(base): cols,vis,lods,smooth
M1974: cols Ural: cols
MI-8: cols,lods ZPU-4: vis,lods
MI-24 cols

<<<<<--------Map changes since .6F Public Patch-------------->>>>>

Basrah's Edge
* bots added
* optimisations:
- texswaps reduced by almost half in critical locations (was 900, now 500)
- marketside m2 meshes redone with single texture optimisations
- object cull and lod improved
* file size reduced
* wallhack exploits fixed
* ticket count slightly tweaked for US to 105. ticket loss reduced to 7
* some missing faces fixed
* general graphics improvements. detail texture enhanced

Sea Rigs
* optimisations:
- texswaps reduced slightly
- model geometry given another pass to reduce drawn tris, col01 & col02 by almost 40%
- model groups broken up further to improve performance
* nimitz exploit fixed
* wallhack exploits fixed
* flag radii tweaked
* various graphical fixes
* new level art
- custom skybox
- dirty clouds
- new water
- new lightmaps for all exterior parts of the map
* file size reduced
* final map thumbnail

Urban Siege
* file size reduced
* optimisations:
- texswaps reduced significantly
- model geometry given another pass to reduce drawn tris, col01 and col02 by almost 30%
- object cull and lod improved
- reduced texture load
* nimitz exploit fixed

Desert Shield
* file size reduced
* general optimisations done
* final map thumbnail

Lost Village
* file size reduced
* general optimisations done
* final map thumbnail

Battle of 73 Easting
* file size reduced
* all new level art, look and feel
* terrain optimised, base layouts tweaked and changed
* final map thumbnail

Operation Bragg
* file size reduced
* lighting enhanced
* lightmaps and colors tweaked
* general optimisations done
* final map thumbnail

No Fly Zone
* file size reduced
* general optimisations done

Bringing an end to development of Desert Combat is the release of Desert Combat Final, a semi-official - Trauma Studios endorsed - update to the massively popular Battlefield 1942 mod. The 361MB file requires the previous 0.7 version to be installed as there will be no full installer made available

----DC Final Changelist-----

MUST HAVE .07 Installed
DC_Final Client Full, version 3

-Removed remaining horn and artillery spot icons
-Adjusted patriot rotation
-Spandrel rotation slowed but has a strange bug meaning it still moves fast for short adjustments
-Reduced MI24 gunner overheat, very light now
-SA-342 gunpods reduced overheat some more
-Launch effects added to all aircraft missiles
-Moved F117 bombs down slightly
-New missile smoke for aircraft
-Fixed Ural fueldrums damaging truck, can still walk through fueldums while on truck but it's now harder to get in
-Gaskin missile same as Linebacker
-Enterprise UH-60q spawn corrected for vertical takeoff
-Sparks added to metal collisions
-humvee/car explosions cause some screen shake when close to explosion
-adjusted many weapon icons in vehicles, most were still using the same BF rocket icon
-fixed bug with turret sounds
-adjusted linebacker rotation
-fixed F16 bug with some linux servers
-Gaskin lights fixed
-Gaskin turret icon removed
-F117 given f14 minimap icon
-US sniper kit has removed backpack
-Iraqi sniper helmet readded
-Patriot HP increased to match SA3
-created unexplainable, unfixable catastrophic crashing bug
-had dinner and fixed catastrophic crashing bug
-changed linebacker launch sounds
-removed patriot wreck
-random iraqi skin removed
-reduced time to live for F117 bomb down to 5 seconds, will airburst if it hasn't hit the ground. Needs some testing.
-reduced radius of F117 bomb by 20%
-increased camera stay for patriot/sa3 to 3 seconds
-patriot missile detonate changed to altfire to avoid launching second missile on detonation
-Reworked AK/AKS sounds
-Reworked Shilka third person sound
-Better explosion effects in Weapon Bunkers
-Fixed serveral projectile positions
-Removed horn icons
-Reduced muzzle smoke on some weapons
-Optimised tank explosions
-Pantsyr icon fixed
-BMP1 health and ammo added
-Iraqi AT3 kit fixed

DC_Final Client Full, version 2

-Reworked AK/AKS sounds
-Reworked Shilka third person sound
-Better explosion effects in Weapon Bunkers
-Fixed serveral projectile positions
-Removed horn icons
-Reduced muzzle smoke on some weapons
-Optimised tank explosions
-Second iraqi skin randomly chosen
-Collision of barrels on fueldrum ural fixed
-Pantsyr icon fixed
-BMP1 health and ammo added
-Iraqi AT3 kit fixed

DC_Final Client Full, version 1

-Mortar given overheat on deployment, can't drop another for about 30 seconds. The overheat per shot is 150%
and it accumulates so if you deploy one when the overheat bar is at half way it gets pushed up to 200%.
-New M1A1 reload sound
-AI added to binoculars, bots will target heavy armor when very close
-Smoke grenade effect made larger
-Blood effect added to knife stabs
-Running footsteps can be heard further away
-Reload bar added to hind FFARs

DC_Final RC3

-All TOW Missiles now shoot straight
-M82 given large muzzle flash light effect
-Skorpion ROF slightly higher
-Saiga given larger muzzle lift per shot
-MK23 ROF upped to match other pistols
-SA-342 gunpod overheat reduced
-SA-3/Patriot range increased
-SA-3/Patriot smoke effect changed
-SA-7s in SA-7 boxes
-All in-vehicle radios placed in their own sound file (Can be renamed or removed to improve performance)
-Artillery muzzle smoke slightly reduced
-Massive reduction in sound.rfa size
-Stinger's Humvee textures
-Adjusted SCUD driver camera position
-New sounds for ammo reload, reloading vehicles now different sound to soldiers
-Wrench can be heard from several meters away and has new sound
-AA classes given MP5 and Skorpion
-Stryker driver's head fixed

DC_Final RC2

-Overheats fixed
MH500 overheat
Technical overheat
DPV overheat
SA342 overheat
-Mortar wall hack fixed
-New Scoreboard icon for Spec Ops

DC_Final RC1

-Both LCAC versions should be fixed
-Mortar view adjusted
-Mortar explosions more deadly but with less force (bodies don't get thrown so far)
-US player model has new shader parameters, fixed 1st person camo.
-US and Iraqi player models have more variety in 'accessories'
-Fixed issue with Spandrel turret
-New fake crater effect for scud explosions. Large stone pieces are blown off buildings
that get hit.
-Modified most smoke trails and missile flames
-New sounds for:
Missile launchers on helicopters
TOW launch
-Reduced volume of birds
-Many small fixes to incorrect crosshairs
-Fixed missing MLRS kickback
-New minimap icons for virtually all the different vehicles
-Fixed Stryker drivers head showing
-Changed Tomahawk explosion effect
-Increased audible range of choppers for medium and high sound settings
-Slowed MI24d gunners rotation speed


-Shilka materials and health revised, splash vs. infantry removed. - It now takes 2 RPGs to kill (down from 4),
2 tank shells (up from 1), isn’t particularly vulnerable to 20mm Fighter cannons (used to be), 2 Spandrel rockets
(up from 1), 35 30mm shells (BMP2, m2a3), 1 artillery shell, 1 c4 stick (down from several). Should still be exactly
as potent vs. aircraft.
-Vulcan splash vs. infantry removed, death explosion reduced
-Stinger damage vs. Hind, Apache, Blackhawk reduced
-Larger helicopters maneuverability improved
-SU25 cannon splash set to match A10's
-M1A1/T72 maximum turret angle reduced 2 degrees
-M2A3/BMP2 round velocity increased
-Humvee and DPV strengthened to reduce terrain damage
-Most wheeled vehicles handling modified
-BDRM health upped 50% to 75, death explosion reduced.


-Added Howitzer and Howitzer battery
-Added Patriot
-Added LCAC
-Reflective US goggles
-MI8 handling improved
-Armed MI8 without spawn points added
-Radios added to most aircraft
-Radios added to Humvees
-New cockpit sounds for some aircraft
-Many silent gun positions given rotation and reload sounds
-Pantsyr front passenger added, radar fixed
-Spandrel and Gaskin turrets slowed slightly
-All Brownings and NVSTs now have improved gun camera position
-New sounds for:
Stinger and SA-7
Bullet cases
Mortar and mine deploy
-New M25 model and skin
-Freelook added to all chopper passengers
-Slightly reduced speed of freelook in aircraft
-Changed explosion effects for most airburst missiles
-Cockpit and zoom added to AH64 gunner
-Zoom added to Hind gunner
-F14b bomb position gets crosshair
-Fixed ZPU muzzle flash position
-Skorpion deviation reduced
-New theme music courtesy of Andre Hofmann
-Added dust effect to some chopper wheels to simulate rotor wash
-Removed unused artillery icon from UH-60


-New PKM, M249 and Remington animations
-Remington pump sound added
-AK47 reload animation plays slightly faster
-Reduced fall damage
-All vehicles now have gunner position as position 2
-New stationary PKMs with crouching shooters
-Horns added to several vehicles
-VSS does less damage over long distance
-Added BMP1
-Updated MP5 model
-Most voices reworked
-Standard Ural has 3 extra passengers in the back, 2 facing inwards the last sitting on the back of the tray.
-Fueldrum Ural that drops explosive barrels controlled by the driver
-Recoilless rifle Ural, mounted in the tray
-AA Ural with top half of a ZPU, ammo boxes and sandbags sitting on the tray area
-Added MK-19 Humvee
-Added Minigun Humvee
-More new effects for vehicle damages and explosions


-Fixed Humvee resupply spots
-New ammo boxes
-Adjusted zoom angle for MP5 and AKS
-Fixed recoil animation bug with pistols, sniper rifles and Remington
-Larger blast radius for mortar
-Reduced screen shake for explosions
-Reduced excessive screen shake firing sniper rifles standing
-Many muzzle flash fixes and improvements
-Rear wheels now roll on AH-64, UH-60s, MI-24, MH-53 and MI-8
-Screen shake added to ZPU
-Camera stay time on guided sa-3 reduced to 2 seconds
-New explosions for mines and C4
-Added F-117 armed with GBU-27 bomb. Same power as scud.
-Added Gaskin AA variant of BRDM
-Guided SA-3 missiles explode when out of fuel, launch effect and screen shake added
-Moved BRDM supply depot away from driver


-SMAW/RPG blast radius slightly higher
-MK19 has doubled rate of fire, damage unchanged
-Rate of fire changed for shotguns
-VSS slightly reduced power
-New Humvee handling code
-Fixed the massive blast radius of the MGs and RHIB
-1 stab kills with knife
-Reduced spiral on Hydras
-New US player model
-New M9 model
-Many new explosion effects
-New bullet impacts
-Many new sounds for weapons and vehicles
-Removed bullet whiz sounds for shotguns
-Modified muzzle flashes for many weapons
-New smoke trails
-Icons added for all useable objects in vehicles
-Modified screen shakes for weapons
-New Environment sounds added to most maps


-Artillery velocity reduction for improved arc
-Sniper rifles fire faster.
-MBTs with more momentum to the turrets, longer reload time, more powerful shell.
-MLRS and BM21 turret speed given momentum like the M109
-Created proper Iraqi SA-7 armory
-new soundscript for mortar in flight
-Renewed special impact effects for heavy calibers
-Mk19 given higher rate of fire with smaller clip and more spread
-New SA-3 system with joystick control made from Tan mod
The author of this tool -- Arkyliën -- has written a program that will download missing maps rather than showing the "MAP NOT FOUND" error when joining a server. The program is still experimental, but the first version works as advertised!

Description from ModDB:
DataField42 version 1

A Battlefield 1942 tool for automatic map/mod downloads.
The tool is still in a very early stage.
For sure there are bugs and missing features. Please report them to me (you can do that here)!

Download of a map from the central database after connecting to a server instead of the message "MAP NOT FOUND". (requires that the client has the mod already)

NEWS / Website updated!
July 04, 2022, 12:40:05 PM
Yesterday we upgraded to the latest version of SMF, which seems to be a huge leap forwards in terms of usability!  :) This upgrade also made the old forum theme obsolete, as it is no longer supported for newer versions of the forum. That's why we are transitioning to a new general look. First steps have been made so far, but more tweaking is  to be expected in the following weeks!

Be sure to leave feedback on features you like and dislike, and we will try to tweak them accordingly!
Dutch Police evacuated the TEFAF art fair in Maastricht after a possible armed robbery. We know so far that no one got hurt in the process. Robbers didn't seem to even bother to hide their identities and went in Peaky Blinders-style and tried to smash in showcases containing diamonds, while an armed accomplice tried to scare off bystanders. So far we don't know if the robbers took anything, but police confirmed they have two suspects in custody.

This is something I have only seen before in movies or in games. Kind of wild to go for a diamond heist in the middle of the day without a proper disguise!

Link below to the article and video

March 08, 2022, 11:19:21 AM

Recently the master server stopped working, which means that all people that are still on the OLD master server do not have a working server browser as of the end of February. Why is this a problem? You won't be able to refresh or update the ingame server browser list anymore because the master server doesn't communicate between the client (you) and the servers (the BF1942 servers to be exact). You can still play on the servers you have added to your favourites, and you can still add servers MANUALLY with the ADD SERVER button, but you won't have a functional server browser anymore. How did this happen? Apparently the guy that gave us a new master server after the GameSpy server stopped working got fed up with the community and just quit, which means all people that have installed the GameSpy patch have now an obsolete patch.

Luckily, the Battlefield 1942 community consists of some great masterminds, and a group of server owners and administrators have come up with a patch for the game. It replaces the old GameSpy patch with a new patch that connects Battlefield 1942 to a new master server that is here to stay. Also this patch comes with a few additional fixes that should make the game more pleasant for everybody. I'm attaching the ReadMe under this post.

We're asking all of you to update your game accordingly, so that you guys can continue being part of this great community. Please use the links below to download and install this new fix:

Download link zip archive (¥FOXES¥ Download Center)
Download link executable (¥FOXES¥ Download Center)