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¥FOXES¥ Gekko

2024-01-01, 18:48:24
Happy New Year all! :)

¥FOXES¥ djdatavirus627

2023-11-11, 13:55:47
new Event! on Friday Nov 17 20:00 GMT  1     Battlefield 1942   :)


2023-10-09, 17:54:47
Howdy folks! foxes42.com will now automatically redirect to forum.foxes42.com through a HTTP 301. This should fix the problems with the homepage!

¥FOXES¥ Pedron

2023-02-17, 16:26:49
Happy Friday, Ladies & Gentlemen!

¥FOXES¥ Gekko

2023-01-12, 17:40:01

¥FOXES¥ Pedron

2023-01-07, 23:25:38
Happy 2023 all players!

Da Bugger

2022-07-03, 14:45:56
Hello World!


2022-07-03, 14:38:22

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Website security updated

Started by ¥FOXES¥ PoN, May 22, 2024, 10:35:04 AM

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Howdy folks,

Since the launch of the forum we've been running on the rather archaic HTTP protocol without the extra security layer, like in the old days of the internet. While this may work perfectly fine for a lot of people, it may become a security risk as data packets are not encrypted, especially when using insecure networks such as public Wi-Fi hotspots. Also, most browsers display a big fat warning when trying to join a website that isn't encrypted, and warn you that your data could be stolen by attackers. Especially now with data breaches all over the news, we should consider your privacy a big priority.

That is why we are here to announce that we have updated our website security to modern SSL/TLS standards, which means that from now on our website uses the more secure HTTPS standard. Your browser should display that your connection to the website is secure with a valid certificate authorized by a trustworthy authority.

We've also updated our databases to PHP 8.2, which should come with increased site speed and security, as far as we're aware.

Take care and see you on the battlefield!